Instructions Holiday Makeup

Instructions Holiday Makeup

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Step by Step Face Painting Recommendations for Snow Queen

A Guide to this Pretty Snowflake Face Paint Design

Step 1:

Apply silver face paint with a sponge over the whole face. Blend in.

Step 2:

Apply silver face shine to the cheeks, nose and main forehead.

Step 3:

Apply pale blue face paint with a sponge to the forehead, down the sides of the face to the chin, on upper part of nose and over the eyelids.

Step 4:

Use black face paint on a brush to draw a snowflake in center of forehead. This must have more detail above the eyebrows so watch video thoroughly to effectively copy the design.

Step 5:

With black face paint, develop an easier snowflake on each cheek and a smaller one on each side of the forehead.

Step 6:

Include 3 black teardrop shapes at outer corner of each eye. Line upper eyelid with black face paint and extend down inner edge of nose.

Step 7:

Use white face paint to add accents to the black snowflakes and other information. Dot down the side of the nose and below eyes.

Step 8:

Apply silver face shine with a squeezy bottle to the snowflakes.

Step 9:

Repaint the mouth with the ice-blue face paint and include radiance.

Your Snow Queen or Princess Face Painting is total!

Snow Queen and Snowflake Fairy Costumes

Be a Winter Princess with these Snow Theme Costumes

These stunning outfits will certainly make a little woman seem like a true princess, specifically if teamed with the snow queen face painting design. Choose from the charming Snowflake Fairy Child Costume or the charming Snow Queen Child Costume.

For the Snowflake Fairy, the magic is in the information. Remember to include the

Snowflake Fairy Wings and the Snowflake Fairy Child Tiara to your order– or buy them alone for use with an existing gown.

Ice Princess Makeup for Older Girls/ Women – Be an Ice Queen with this beautiful face paint design

When it comes to Christmas face painting ideas, sillyheatherb has a lot of them. Her face paint designs are fun whether for kids or for older adults or kids.

She also clearly discusses each step in her face painting videos, so you’ll have the ability to select it all up simply fine simply from seeing.

This Ice Princess design is beautiful and makes a charming grown-up variation of the previous Snow Queen design. Adults or teenagers don’t necessarily desire full face paint but still enjoy to look joyful and quite. Which’s just what you get with this Christmas face painting.

It utilizes the exact same icy blues and silvers plus shine for that magical winter wonderland appearance. Products made use of are noted at the end.

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