Makeup Tips for Brunette Girls

Makeup Tips For Brunette Girls

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Lip color

If you’re just going to use one item of makeup make sure it’s lipstick, as it can add some much required color to your face. Specifically when you’re using a black, white, pastel or cool-colored top. Red and warm-pinks are the best lipstick tones for brunettes.

Choose for some warm-pink lipstick if you’re wearing a red shirt. This just uses if the collar of your t-shirt comes close to your neck. Red lip color will certainly be OKAY so long as you keep red accessories to a minimum if your neckline is low. Red lip color is a safe selection when wearing any other color but no matter what color you’re wearing choose a shiny red during the day if you absolutely have to use red lipstick. Lip gloss is more subtle than its lipstick counterparts. Red lipstick is best kept for nights out as it’s a bit much for daytime wear. Even though red is a flattering color on you, you do not wish to over the top with it. Too much red might make you resemble a lady of the night.

Eye color

The color of the eyes is the choosing element for the color of eye shadow when it comes to eye cosmetics.

Neutral tones like browns and grey suit any eye color. Try to keep to the more natural neutrals throughout the day and leave blacks and colors for heading out.

Because you can wear any color on them, if you have brown eyes you are truly blessed. Black mascara and eyeliner is best for brown eyes.

Blue eyes are matched to neutral tones, blue tones and pink tones, including purples. Use black for a sultry smoky look. Black eyeliner and mascara is best for blue eyes.

Eco-friendly eyes likewise look great with neutral shades, medium to dark-green shades, and yellowish-beige tones. Utilize a brown eyeliner and mascara.


Brunettes don’t actually have to use blush and it needs to be prevented throughout the day. For heading out during the night, make use of a blush on the reddish side or with a warm tone rather than a cool one and use it sparingly. Prevent orange-colored blush at all cost and utilize pinks with care – those with a warm tone are great, stay clear of the cooler ones – and once more, make use of sparingly.

Fashion and cosmetics do not need to be complicated.

The standard thing to keep in mind is that if you put on brightly-coloured clothing, you should wear subtle make-up and if you put on neutral, pastel, black, cool-coloured or white clothes then you can use some somewhat bolder makeup, however don’t overdo it because you don’t wish to resemble you’re going out clubbing all the time. When you’re actually going to be partying, keep the celebration appearance for.

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