Perfect Airbrush Nails

Perfect Airbrush Nails

Airbrush Nail Designs

Nail art is a fantastic method to make your nails stand out and look stunning. While you can utilize standard nail polish to make some unique nail arts, why not make use of more sophisticated strategies and make airbrush nails rather.

Similar to airbrushing plastic toys, t-shirts and other items, you can airbrush nails. To turn your nails into your very own little canvas all you require are some stencils, your acetone, a base-coat, different colored nail polish, a top-coat and of course a simple airbrush device setup which consists of an airbrush weapon attached to an air compressor.

Start here

The initial step to getting airbrush nails is to have your designs in stencil. You can either make your very own design and stencil it yourself or purchase a customizeded stencil from shops or nail hair salons. Selecting which design is just a matter of choice.

Preparing your nails

After you have your stencil design, you have to prepare your nails so your airbrush nails last longer. Using nail polish remover or acetone, make sure to remove any staying nail polish or oil left behind from your previous nails manicure.

Base-coat, top-coat and airbrushing

Using a brush use the base-coat onto the nail, then for an even background and total look, apply a white background or a color of your option prior to including the other colors. As soon as you’ve used the background color, you can get your stencil ready by putting it on top of the finger then utilizing your airbrush weapon airbrush your nails one color at a time. After you are finished with airbrushing your nails, eliminate the stencil and with the nail polish eliminator or acetone, clean the parts of your finger that have roaming or unwanted color on it.

Final step

One last step before you can enjoy your airbrush nails is to use the top-coat. An ideal application would be to have the whole nail covered with the top-coat in less than 3 strokes, then fan dry for a minute or two to complete.

Varnish optional

Another method to avoid the threat of ruining your airbrush nails by leaving brush strokes as you use the top-coat is to use varnish right after airbrushing your nails. This precedes the top-coat and is a water based clear coat that is sprayed in a mist over the airbrushed colored paint. This varnish produces a safety obstacle between the top-coat and the paint, enabling much easier top-coat application.

As with other arts, mastering airbrush nails takes some practice. How about practicing on your pals and household or even make some money from airbrush nails.

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