Prom Nail Art Idea for Teens

Prom Nail Art Idea For Teens

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Senior prom can be so pricey! You tack on the cost of a manicure/pedicure combination and you’ve got yourself a world course expense list. The bad news is that simply about every girl going to senior prom is going to have their nails done, so your young one is sure to want them too.


If that’s the case, attempt this: Using masking tape, tape up the end of your child’s natural toe nail (after exfoliating, moisturizing and cleaning them, of course) so that the natural idea of the nail is showing. Use white nail polish to swipe on the pointers, provide it a minute, then pull it off swiftly. Now run some clear top coat over the entire nail and you’ve got yourself a French pedicure.


Buy some at home fake fingernails and some industrial strength nail glue. Buff the nail surface lightly with an emery board before you apply the nail for maximum hold, and give them plenty of time to dry as you hold them securely in location.

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