Zebra Makeup Ideas for Face

Zebra Makeup Ideas For Face

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Either you had to figure out a way to dress up your youngster as a zebra for a school program or a Halloween celebration, or you yourself desired to dress up as a zebra for a day. Zebra outfit makeup may simply be the option for you, if you cannot discover a ready-made outfit and you’re running out of time at the exact same time.

The advantage about zebra costume makeup is that it just includes two colors – white and black. All the other materials that you require are for the application of the black and white makeup – makeup sponges (one for the face and another one for the body) and some paint brushes.

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you ought to utilize a hypoallergenic makeup. Using a non-hypoallergenic makeup may just end up having rashes or other skin irritabilities, which may take from a couple of days to weeks to recover.

Next off, make certain that the hair is pulled back so that it doesn’t obstruct when you begin applying the makeup.

Now, for the application, we begin first with the white makeup. Utilizing a wet sponge, use the white makeup on the different parts of the body that will certainly be exposed. Ensure that you don’t interchange the 2 sponges – make use of the face sponge for the face, and the body sponge for the other parts of the body. That’s just the way it is, for sanitary functions (In the very same way, you utilize a various soap for the face and a different soap for the body).

You can either consistently swab the sponge with white makeup onto the face and on the other parts of the body or clean it equally in one direction, so it doesn’t look untidy.

When the body and face are covered with white makeup, you can begin making the black stripes using the paint brush.

Beginning with the face, utilize a great brush when applying the black makeup. Just follow one direction when drawing the strips. Starting with the edges of the face, apply the black makeup and stroke equally towards the nose to make a stripe. Repeat the very same for the next lines of the face. The nose and the month, of course, should be black, much like the zebra’s.

As soon as you’re done with the face, you can just continue doing the exact same thing with the other parts of the body, but using a bigger brush this time.

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